Following Jesus all starts with a single step. But that first step is easier said than done isn't it? Sometimes the hardest part about going to a new church is just the first step into the building.

We hope that you take that first step and join us this Sunday morning at 9a or 10:30a. You'll find that above all else, we are a friendly group of NW Indiana people, simply trying to follow Jesus. We are trying to be more generous in the way we live our lives and in the way we love others.


Work Together, it's what we do. We know how difficult it can be to be alone in this world and it's hard to find answers all by your self when life just doesn't make sense anymore. We believe that people are better when they pull that's what we try to do. 

We encourage people to connect in cooperation instead of conflicting with each other in isolation. 

But, like that first step of Following Jesus, Working Together is easier said than done.


You might notice - there is a bit of an order to it. First, we follow Jesus, then we try to work together, and when we do those things well we truly find that we can MAKE A DIFFERENCE FOR GOOD and help change the world in NW Indiana.

It's a huge goal to change the world, and we know that it's way bigger than we are, but it's worth trying to do. Through it all, we'll keep trying to nudge our community one step closer to Jesus every day. You are invited to join us!