Money: can be a difficult topic in church. But not here!

We don’t talk much about it on Sunday mornings & we don’t make people feel pressured or guilty. It’s simple really.

We all know that money is needed to pay bills in this world. It’s no different for a church. We don’t have any special Nazarene bank accounts somewhere to pay our bills. We’re on our own here and people give each week to make sure that we keep helping others find peace & purpose in a broken world.

That’s our mission, that’s what we do with the money given here.


Tithe: the word “tithe” means tenth (10%), it’s a Bible idea and giving is a simple act of trust. 

As a church we give 15% of our money away to other ministries as an example of trusting God in our own tithe. We trust God, we want to help others, so we give.

When you give money to our church, it says that you trust God is working here too. We promise that we’ll do our best to honor God with the money entrusted to us each week. We try our best to honor God by trying to make a difference for good. Thank you for trusting us & giving to our mission.


The financial foundation of our entire church is built upon the consistency of families who give here on a regular basis. This is often accomplished through weekly or monthly automatic giving.

If you'd like to set up automatic giving at South Haven Nazarene, please send a request to