1. we value God first in all we do.

In the beginning, God created. And He still is! God is still speaking Light into the dark places, still restoring what was broken, and still calling to what was lost. He is still offering peace and purpose to all. 

2. we value the Church as the family of God.

We don't want to miss the fullness of Jesus that can only be found when we're deeply connected together with others in the church. It's not easy and we're not perfect, yet we keep learning as we strive for unity.

3. We value relationships as our eternal priority.

The way we relate with God and others reflects the true heart of who we are as Christians. Our relationships reveal the reality of God in us. We believe that our relationships are the chain to life or death.

4. we value prayer; the power to participate.

Prayer gives us the opportunity to influence the brokenness around us by seeking and cooperating with the goodwill of God, who can truly make things right. Sometimes the best way to help is to first pray.

5. we value people over policy.

We are intentionally finding connection with many different people in our community. We know that Bible truth can be a wedge instead of brdige between people, so we seek friendship with others first.

We believe that God has given us the freewill to choose our lives His way. We find hope in knowing that God loved us before we loved Him. We choose to follow Jesus - but not because we have to.


6. we value freedom and
the ability to choose in
this life.

Change is normal. It isn't always wanted, and it isn't always easy - yet we expect it. We'll do our best to follow God in the ever-changing world we live in, and we won't let fear of change keep us in a rut of "sameness."


7. we value change in us as the world changes around us.


We are part of the official Nazarene Church denomination, and as such, we adhere to their denominational beliefs. Want to learn more? Read the Nazarene beliefs.