What should I wear?  
No need to dress up! Whatever you wore on Saturday is fine to wear on Sunday.

What about my kids?
You love your kids, and we do too! During our 10:00 a.m. service, any child ages birth through 5th grade will have their own lesson in their own space.
Kids up through age 3 will be in the Lil' Peeps Nursery and kids ages 4 through 5th grade will meet in Kid Haven.

Will there be food?
You're a person after our own heart. Enjoy a cup of coffee and some snacks in The Rusty Cup, or bring your goodies right into the church service with you.

What's the music like?
We like all kinds! We play modern songs with upbeat tunes, guitars, drums, and yet we're not afraid to sing an old fashioned hymn or two.

What does a Sunday morning look like?
After a time of music, you'll hear a message from the Bible, but we don't say, "Thee, ye, or cometh hither." We teach with a simple approach to the Bible in a language that we can all understand.

The church service will last about an hour and you'll be surprised by how quickly the time went by...you'll be even more surprised by how excited you are to come back next week.

The tone during the service is relaxed, friendly, and casual.