Our Teen Ministry Mission:

Daring the NextGeneration to Be Different

Teens are trying to find their way, they’re trying to find out who they are, what they like, why they exist, who God is, what a "relationship with God" looks like and means, and, who they are. 

They're trying to connect with friends that get what they're going through, they're trying to find a safe place that they can be themselves, be real, and know that God still loves them, regardless of where they are in life. And we want to be that place!

Our weekly program calendar is built around the model of life that Jesus lived. 
This is called the Up, In, and Out, based out of Luke 6:12-19. Where Jesus had a balance of three areas in His life that accomplished the mission that His Father gave him.  It works like this:
UP - Connecting with God. Some nights will have more of a focus on our relationship with God.             
IN - Connecting with Others. We'll have nights where we'll do something that connects us as a community (Locations will vary)
OUT - Connecting with the World. Other Nights we will serve as a community. (Locations will vary)

To the right is a calendar of when and where we'll be meeting over the Summer!

Locations of the blank dates will be given out on the Tuesday before our group meets. 


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If you have any questions, please contact Jake Marcum @ jake.shnazchurch@gmail.com